IVRE v0.9.15 ‘lockdown’ release

IVRE version 0.9.15 has just been released (seven months after version 0.9.14), and is available on Github, PyPI and AUR.

Thanks a lot to the contributors!


The most notable changes since version 0.9.14 include:

  • Support for ZGrab2 (HTTP) & ZDNS results.
  • Improve Masscan integration (particularly with IVRE’s fork).
  • Improve Nmap fingerprints handling (for Masscan & Zgrab2 results).
  • Handle MAC addresses (in nmap, view and passive purposes).
  • Add TinyDB support (you can test IVRE without a database server!).
  • Add ivre auditdom tool (AXFR tests).
  • Fixes for Windows (Jean-Baptiste Galet).
  • Passive:
    • Add /passivedns/ Web API.
    • Use zeek to monitor open ports (Vivien Venuti, ma).
    • ivre iphost: support unsuccessful A/AAAA resolutions (@_Frky).
    • ivre ipinfo:
  • Support multiple targets selection (countries, AS numbers, etc.).
  • Use cryptography (already a dependency) to replace pycrypto.
  • Use NDJSON as output format for CLI (scancli, view), Web APIs and Web download.
  • A lot of bugfixes (@_Frky, Vincent Ruello, @TenGbps).
  • Brexit!