IVRE v0.9.14 release

IVRE version 0.9.14 has just been released (three months after version 0.9.13), and is available on Github, PyPI and AUR.


The most notable changes since version 0.9.13 include:

  • Support for the MongoDB backend in flow (Vincent Ruello); the Neo4j backend is now deprecated and will be dropped in a near future.
  • Support for an experimental Elasticsearch backend in view (Angélique Baille); while it is far from comprehensive for now, it is enough to store view data in an Elasticsearch database and access if from other Elasticsearch-based tools, such as Kibana (the documentation already has a section IVRE with Kibana covering this; see also the screenshots).
  • IPv6 support in DNS blacklist answers (Olivier Croquin).

Thanks a lot to the contributors!