Metasploit Automated Exploitation on N800

As suggested by spaceaquarium, I’ve tried to get Metasploit Automated Exploitation (one of the killer features of Metasploit Framework 3) working on my N800. And that’s easy.

You need Ruby and RubyGems, then install ActiveRecord with gem (for these steps, see my posts about Metasploit Framework and msfweb on N800). Now, install sqlite3-ruby (you may use my package for that).

Last but not least… you need Nmap. You can use this repository.

Update: you can also use my package for Nmap, as it’s the latest stable version.

Now, run msfconsole, then:

msf > load db_sqlite3
msf > db_autopwn
[*] Usage: db_autopwn [options]

msf > db_nmap -p 22,445 [TARGET]

Starting Nmap 3.95 ( ) at 2007-04-11 13:52
Nmap finished: [...]
msf > db_autopwn -p -t
[*] Analysis completed in [...]

Nice! More about this feature here.