N800 with scapy and metasploit

Thanks to the python package provided by the Maemo “Extras” repository and to the osso-xterm provided by the Maemo-Hackers repository, I have had scapy running on my Nokia N800 for a while.

I have seen that some people had the Metasploit Framework running, thanks to an unreleased Ruby package.

As there is a Ruby file with mud-builder, I have built a Ruby package (you can get it here if you are too lazy to build it yourself) for N800, and… that’s it. Just get Metasploit, and run msfcli from an xterm, it works.

As it’s not that easy to work with an xterm on the N800 (as on any pocket-sized device), we really need a GUI. For metasploit, one could think of using msfweb plus the integrated web browser. But msfweb does not work for now (needs at least RubyGems and Rails).